Pennsylvania teen turns himself in

Gun violence in schools has been escalading in this country over the past few years. This teen thankfully turned himself in and owned his actions, which hopefully will not be a reoccurrence in his life.

The police said that a 17-year-old young man was charged as an adult on Saturday, according to CNN.

This teen by the name of Raisheem Rochwell was has bail set at $500,000, according to Pennsylvania police as stated by CNN.

According to Reuters as stated by Chicago Tribune, the girl shot was released from the hospital and the boy wounded is in stable condition.
Rochwell was the second teen to come clean of the crime, but the first teen has not been charged, writes NBC Philadelphia.

Gun control has already been in the spotlight after recent school shootings. With their continuation, lawmakers are forced to look at these situations and make decisions on how to best handle them. This incident is not the first school shooting, but determining how to reduce these awful situations will need to come soon.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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