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Pro golfer John Daly starts own pizza chain

At the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando on Wednesday it was revealed that professional golfer John Daly has started a pizza chain.

According to Golf Digest, Long John got into the business with co-founder Jimmy Howell, who operated a pizza place in Tampa for 26 years. Howell described what it’s like to be business partners with the maverick.

"It's all fun," said Howell. "I shot him an email after yesterday and told him how packed we were yesterday. He was excited."

The chain called, what else, John Daly Pizza, will be marketed to golf courses and has already created some buzz at the show.

"I'm not usually a pizza for breakfast guy. But this is delicious," said Joe Bock, who stopped to try the pizza. "This is lightweight and it tastes good.
And to see John Daly's face on it -- that's an easy sell."

CBS Sports has reported that the 47-year-old golfer is also trying to market his vodka-lemonade drink, which is simply called, you guessed it, John Daly.

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