'Revenge' recap: 'Endurance'

On tonight’s episode of Revenge ‘Endurance’ we catch up with Emily after she regains her memory and remembers who really shot her, her own husband Daniel Grayson. In true Grayson form, they will stop at nothing to protect their own, especially Queen of the Grayson household, Victoria. Now, especially knowing the truth about Emily, Victoria is on a mission to expose her for what she really is a phony.

It wouldn’t be Revenge without a great beginning line so here goes: “The value of life can be directly measured by our will to endure. That we have a remarkable ability to resist fatigue, withstand pain, to keep fighting as long as we don’t loose sight for what we are fighting for. “

Our favorite duo, Nolan and Emily are finally reconnected in the hospital when he comes by to visit her bedside. Nolan asks her the all encompassing question: what’s up next for Emily Thorne’s revenge plan!? She admits that she has no plans, that she has failed and has decided to given up on her plan to avenge her father. She says it all over and that she can’t return to the Grayson’s or even remain in the Hamptons after everything that’s happens, she doesn’t want to do it anymore. The hardest part she says about losing her memories was reliving them when they came back, which is making her want to stop her games – it was too much pain.

Now we finally catch up with the newest character on Revenge Niko who is in a car garage talking to Aiden. As of now we aren’t really sure what her end game is nor how or why she is here. We did however see her last episode and she had a syringe in her hand trying to inject Emily – so we have yet to decide friend or foe. Aiden asks Niko to sneak her out! But Niko wants to know whats going on with Aiden and her. He admits they re-connected and that they were going to leave together. Aiden tells Niko he’s sorry she had to find out this way but she’s the only one who can help him get her out. Niko agrees to the plan.

Daniel now finds himself at the Stowaway where Sarah is. He is trying ot make things right with her. He thinks that her accident was a suicide attempt because Daniel married Emily. The real accident was that she got drunk and passed out in the bathtub and almost drowned. In a heated argument she just wants Daniel to leave. Now out walks Jack, who knows Daniel is the one who shot Emily, can’t stand to be around Daniel. He punches him in the face and tells him to leave the bar.

The doctors at the hospital tell Victoria that Emily is making stride towards a recovery and that she can be discharged and put into rehab. Knowing full well that Emily’s memories of the shooting will come back Victoria needs to make sure that she is the one who keeps an eye on her. This is where Niko comes in and says she can help. Up awakes Emily and she has now been transferred into the caring hands of Grayson Manor. Emily is now locked inside the walls with the people she was trying to take down. Her only friend inside the walls we can assume will be Niko, who Emily doesn’t really know about yet.

Victoria tells Emily that she would be more comfortable here and that she’s Grayson and will be treated like one. Emily trying to keep her cover tells her all she can remember is being in the church saying their vows to each other. Victoria is still trying to tell Emily that it was Lydia Davis who shot her. Daniel finding out that Victoria is now caring for Emily throws a hissy fit. Victoria says that Emily is on the verge of remembering and that by Emily being here she can control the situation. On the outside it looks like they are two newly weds living in bliss.

Emily frantically is trying to leave the manor. Niko comes in and try’s to help Emily. She tells her she works for herself and that she is actually Takeda’s daughter. Niko thinks that Takeda was killed by a random burgular. Niko says when she heard about the set back she thought she would come here and help her out being that Niko’s father talked so highly of Emily. Emily doesn’t want the help and says she just wants to leave. Niko reveals that Aiden told her that Emily was stubborn and she says Aiden and her met when he was on a mission in Sydney, where she lived. They then mater reconnected after Takeda’s death. Nikos had been reporting progress of Emily to Aiden everyday.

Back a Voulez Marguax and Daniel talk about the magazine. He’s trying to tell her to push the story more about Lydia Davis coming in and shooting Emily. He wants to try and get as much press on it as possible.

Emily is now visited by Conrad who is here trying to get information and sway Emily’s thoughts. After sacrfificng his love, Lydia, to save his ungrateful son, Daniel, Conrad wants to let Daniel go down now for the shooting. Conrad tells Emily to watch her back and be careful. We now know where Conrads plans lie.

Patrick and Victoria now meet at the art gallery, where they talk about the infinity box that Patrick had revealed to his mom that Nolan was hiding for Emily. Victoria admits having plans to steal the box from Nolan. But Patricks’ a little pissed that he can’t be apart of the plan because Victoria tells him she needs all the leverage she can before Emily recover all her memories. She tells him that Daniel is the one who shot Emily and is mad that Victoria lied to him. Patrick still never feels like he will gain Victoria’s confidence and that when push came to shove she will always choose her blood over her bastard son. Then BAM—a nice slap to the face by Victoria. She tells him that Patrick is the most pure things she has in her life and that he is her blood but doesn’t want him to get involved in the darkness that has been following her around all her life.

Patrick now is again apologizing to Nolan for choosing his mom before Nolan even after they agreed the women in their lives aren’t going to control them. They make plans for later that night to meet up.

Jack, Charlotte, and little baby Carl stop by Grayson manor. Nolan and Jack are so concerned that Emily is now in Grayson manor. Jack doesn’t understand how he can be walking around free after he shot her. Emily said if she were to tell on him, he would then fight back and as of right now her only concern is to get out of here. She advises Jack to just forgive Daniel like she has. As of right now that is her only chance at a normal life, holding Carl she now realizes that getting out and letting go was her chance of having all this.

Patrick is leaving the art gallery and calls him mother saying he’s going to do the job of stealing the infinity box. He just wants his mom to stand by him whatever happens.

Niko warns Emily that Victoria knows about the box. Emily knows Nolan has the box and it hold everything, journals, her identity, and all her revenge targets. Emily wants Victoria to find it because it’s all over – she lost the fight, she isn’t suppose to be there. She’s suppose to be away with Aidens ring on her finger not Daniels. After hearing about their plans to be together Niko is angry. She punches Emily in the stomach and says the pain she’s feeling it’s because of the Grayson’s – they did that to her not Niko. This great Emily Thorne is doing nothing against the lady who stole everything! If this is how it’s going to end then Niko isn’t going to be around to help her get out of Grayson Manor.

Victoria now comes to visit Emily in her room. She talks about the lack of pregnancy and that it’s an issue to be dealt with by Emily and Daniel. Because of Emily being unconscious and the doctors doing all they could to save her life and decisions needed to be made. Victoria hands Emily and envelope and says that due to the location of the bullets and the surgery required to save her life, sacrifices had to be made …. Emily can now no longer conceive children. Victora blames Emily that she gave Daniel false hope of an heir and that now that was taken away that fate can be so cruel. Emily in a rage throws Victoria out of her room and throws the tray.

Niko and Aiden now meet again. She tells him that Emily has changed her mind and has decided to stay in Grayson manor to finish the job. She calls Aiden out on lying to her about his plans with Emily. Still right now we can’t tell is Niko is a friend or foe here and to which party. We find out Aiden left Niko in Japan with a promise to return after he came to the Hamptons. Niko although didn’t tell Emilys this information. Niko says Aiden doesn’t know Emily as well as he thought he did.

Patrick now on the hunt get the infinity box from Nolan is at his house getting him drunk and trying to seduce Nolan. Patrick finds out that Nolan has been drinking water. Patrick admits he was trying to get him drunk and then strikes Nolan on the head with a brick.

Patrick shows up to to Grayson manor with the infinity box. He says he came to the Hamptons to be with his mother. Patrick wants to know about her. Patrick wants to know about the truth of his past and says he isn’t going to wait around for it much longer.

Daniel is now at the doorstep of Sarah. He wants to tell her the truth so he can be with her. He tells Sarah that Emily has lied about the pregnancy to scare Sarah away. She says all Emily wanted was to be a Grayson and now she is. What Daniel lies ot Sarah about though is that Daniel tell her it wasn’t him who shot Emily it was Lydia Davis. Daniel plays it out to be the victim in Emily’s psycho games. And they hug and it looks as if their relationship is building.

Victoria now in all her glory because she has the infinity box reading through it all as Emily walks in. She calls Emily out on having it in for her family, stalking them, targeting them. Victoria vows that Emily will no longer be running in the social circles she once climbed her way into. The infinity box that Victoria has her hands on isn’t the real one though it’s a box that is making Emily out to look like a gold digger who just wants to be a Grayson.

At the stowaway Marguax and Jack are discussing her new issue that is about to go to print. After speaking to Daniel About the new issue she has adjusted it to make it looks as though Lydia Davis is the one who has shot Emily Davis. Jack, knowing it was Daniel whom did it tell her and that Emily told him it was Daniel who was the one who shot Emily. Jack doesn’t want Marguax to get blamed for Daniel using his own magazine to cover it up. She now is pressing hold on the issue.

A press conference is now taking court in the Grayson Manor. Emily says she has an announcement and that she has endured a lot of pain but because of the journey her memory has returned. As she says who she knows who shot her the faces of Daniel, Victoria and Connrad look nervous because they aren’t sure what Emily is going to say. Emily goes onto the tell the press that it was Lydia Davis who shot her and that they are going to be offering a $10 million reward for her capture.

Going back to her bedroom Emily is now talking to a stuffed dog, that earlier that day when Jack and Carl came to visit with her Carl has left behind for Emily to have so it would keep her company. Only now to find out that the dog contains a walkie-talkie that connected to Nolan. They discuss the plans – and Emily Thorne is back at playing the games of Revenge. She thanks Nolan for switching out the infinity boxes last minute. Emily is now here to stick around. Nolan now has plans for Patrick after he has betrayed Nolan like this.

Emily is now back at her beach house getting some things. Aiden shows up to meet her there. She tells him that she is staying in the Hamptons. Emily said in order to continue her plans she had to out it as Lydia to salvage her relationship with Daniel. Aiden asks her why she decided to change her plans of leaving and she said the Graysons did. After finding out she can’t have children she was angry, the Grayson’s took everything from her, her father, mother, best friend, and now this her ability to have children. Aiden still not caring wants to run away and make a life with her but Emily is refusing. She says that pain and love are the same, you cane force it, you cant fight, you just have to embrace it when it comes along. She apologizes to Aiden and Aiden says he can handle it it’s her who should be worried.

Marguax, after seeing the broadcast announcement from Emily is mad at Jack for making her miss the deadline. He can’t believe Emily did this and that he shouldn’t have gotten involved.

As Marguax’s assistant is taking the Voulez issue to print she is approached by Conrad with a plan in mind….

Aiden and Niko are now back together at Takeda’s apartment. To Niko she still doesn’t know how it is possible for him to have been murdered. Aiden now is having flashback to the night of Takeda’s murder. (Last season it was Aiden who killed Takeda and he has yet to tell Niko the truth) Niko looking around the apartment says she hasn’t been there since he was murdered and the marks are still fresh. Niko said her father was there to teach people how to enact revenge and now feels it is her duty to avenge for his death. Her new mission is to find out who killed her father. As Niko and Aiden get closer they begin to kiss and they are re-kindling the flame from before.

Now back at Grayson Manor sits Emily, Daniel, and Victoria discussin how to move on from the matter at hand. Emily says she knows it was Daniel who shot her but she forgives him because she truly does love Daniel. Emily is now handling the situation. Daniel not understanding why Emily is sticking around doesn’t want to be with her. Victoria trying to save face for the family says she was trapped in a loveless marriage for 23 years and he can do the same. Emily says they are now playing by her rules. Emily says she loves Daniel, loves being a Grayson and isn’t going anywhere. Everyone here is now playing hardball.

Let the new games begin!

Questions and Comments from this episode:
1) NIKO – I still cant tell friend or foe
2) Niko and Aiden – I really wonder how their relationship is going to play out. When will Niko finally learn that Aiden killed her father?
Is Emily going to get jealous of Aiden and Niko?
3) Daniel – He is kind of really turning into a Grayson, when we met Daniel season 1 he was just the good naïve boy who loved Emily now he has a lady on the side and is there to play ball with Emily in her game of revenge.
4) Sarah – I’ll be interested to see what plans Emily has in store for her.
5) Nolan and Patrick – I want to know the little revenge plan Nolan has in store for Patrick after he betrayed her.
6) I’m just overall excited to see how this new kind of revenge is going to play out; there are a lot more players and a lot more information circulating.

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