Rosemary Butler releases ‘You Just Watch Me’

Rosemary Butler has just released her latest album You Just Watch Me. You Just Watch Me shows the range and creativity that Butler has channeled over her long career in the music industry.

Butler started out her career in music playing in all female band. Butler played bass and provided vocals for the Ladybirds and became very popular in the local L.A. music scene. The ladies had the chance of a lifetime when they opened for The Rolling Stones back 1964.

Opening for The Rolling Stones is something that few artists will ever have the chance of doing and Butler clearly took in every musical moment and is still inspired to this day. She is now working on her solo career, following a lot of time spent in bands and on tour. The album You Just Watch Me has an original classic rock and Americana feel.

The instrumentals on the album help to create more full sound which adds to Butler's vocals which are the true star of the album. The instrumentals capture the traditional Americana feel but add the hard hitting elements of uptempo guitar rifts that are often heard in classic rock songs.

Butler represents a strong female voice and power in the rock industry. She spent a lot of time providing background vocals but she should clearly be front and center. She has a strong vocal tone and an energy that is not heard from females in the rock music industry.

It is nice to see that Butler has been through so many stages of the music industry and is now fully embracing what she has learned, her creative power and her incredible vocal range.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "You Just Watch Me," "I Want You To Think Of Me" and "When Will I Be Loved."

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