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Russia's Mosfilm plans expansion

The Russian film studio, Mosfilm, is planning to expand their studio in Moscow.

The new project includes two new sound stages, a costume warehouse facility, and a cinema and concert hall. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mosfilm's head Karen Shakhnazarov communicated by the wire service RIA Novosti, "I am cautious, because similar ideas were floated before, never reaching the execution stage. But now everything seems real. The president has approved [the project]." Shakhnazarov says that the project could take three to four years, depending on circumstances.

Shakhnazarov is certainly no stranger to the world of filmmaking. He produced and directed White Tiger which debuted in 2012. Shakhnazarov created a World War II action picture, according to Variety. White Tiger was a Mosfilm Cinema Concern Production. The screenplay was by Aleksandr Borodyanskiy and Shakhnazarov, based on the novel The Tank Crewman by Ilya Boyashov.

Mosfilm has operated as a studio and a film production company. It has more than 2,500 feature films to its name. Mosfilm was originally founded in 1923.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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