Shapewear can affect your internal organs

Shapewear hides all the imperfections people want to avoid seeing in the mirror. These garments change how clothing fits and, in turn, could change that person’s confidence level. Experts say it could negatively affect your internal organs.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, experts say that shapewear puts pressure on internal organs and can lead to damaging effects on the body if worn for an extended about of time.

Most people probably do not realize that the tight form of the garment is compressing their bodies. Surely people in use of these products would not put beauty before health.

General practitioner, Dr. Leah Rothman, said to ABC News, “If you’re feeling any numbness, those are very clear signs that it’s in fact too tight. Take it off. Don’t wait until the end of the event. It’s not worth it.”

Shapewear fans do not have to leave behind these beloved garments. However, wearing them in moderation and buying the correct size could change your overall experience while wearing the slimming garments.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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