Some states considering reviving old-fashioned death penalty executions

Some death penalty state lawmakers are looking to revive old-style executions due to a lethal injection shortage.

According to the Associated Press, some elected officials now believe that the drug shortages and new legal challenges are making lethal injection too vulnerable to complications.

One execution in particular has officials questioning if lethal injection is the most effective practice and should still be used.

Earlier this month, the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility administered a controversial two-drug execution method to convicted murderer Dennis McGuire.

At some point after the drug was given to him, he began to choke and struggle mightily with the staff and did not succumb to his death until several minutes later, The Columbus Dispatch notes.

Certainly states are not considering the grisly options that have been done abroad and in medieval times of hanging or drowning inmates, but they are revisiting options of what used to be common execution practices in the U.S.

Lawmakers in Missouri have proposed the idea of rebuilding gas chambers and have joined Wyoming in a proposal of making firing squads an option again. Meanwhile, Virginia lawmakers would like to revisit sending inmates to the electric chair if the lethal does is unavailable.

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