'Supernatural' Recap: "First Born"

Dean sits drinking at a bar when Crowley appears telling him Gadreel won’t be returning there and he should instead focus on killing Abaddon. Crowley tells him of a weapon called the “First Blade” that could kill her but he has been hunting for it for decades with no luck finding it. However, he has heard that John Winchester knows more about the blade so Dean checks John’s journal with information that leads them to Winchester’s storage locker. At the storage locker, Dean finds a file with information that leads them to another hunter named Tara.

Back at the bunker Sam and Castiel continue Sam’s healing but Cas finds something unsettling. They discover that a part of Gadreel’s grace is still inside Sam, but it is fading every time Cas heals him. They discover that they can use the remaining grace to track Gadreel but they have to extract the grace from Sam.

Dean and Crowley find Tara but she’s suspicious of the both of them since Dean is working with the King of Hell. However she agrees to help them find the blade. She has yet to find the blade herself but did come up with a tracking spell that could help them find the blade but it’s missing an ingredient; essence of kraken. Tara breaks the devil’s trap that Crowley is stuck in and Crowley slips away to grab some from his stock. They complete the spell which sends them to Missouri.

Once they arrive at the house Crowley wants to turn back because he discovers they are at the home of Cain (as in Cain & Abel), the father of murder. Crowley tells Dean that once Cain killed his brother Abel he became a demon, and since then became the father of murder before disappearing. Now Cain is retired and is curious as to how they found him. Dean tells Cain they are looking for the First Blade to kill a knight of hell. Cain is unwilling to help them and leaves to run errands in town and invites them to leave his home.

Sam and Castiel locate the instrument that will allow them extract the grace from Sam’s body and Cas begins the extraction. It works but Cas realizes that the more grace they remove causes Sam to revert back to his self before Gadreel entered his body. Sam tells him to keep extracting the grace, completely willing to die, so Cas continues. Eventually, when Sam is on the verge of death, he removes the instrument and completely heals Sam’s wounds saying that they’ll just have to try the spell with what they have. Being human made Cas relate to Sam’s guilt. The two have a heart to heart talk before Cas leaves saying, “angels can change. Who knows, maybe Winchester’s can too,” leaving Sam with something to think about.

While Cain is out of the house, Dean and Crowley break back into Cain’s home and raid the place looking for the blade. Dean stumbles across a photo of a woman who he assumes in Cain’s wife and the reason that he retired. They can’t locate the Blade and Cain arrives home, unhappy to see the two of them still there. A truck full of demons shows up insisting that Cain hand over Sam and Crowley. Cain doesn’t and goes back to making dinner, inviting them to join him for a meal if they survive. He takes the spell off the door long enough to allows two demons into the kitchen and one into the living room with Crowley. Dean fights the demons and kills both of them with his knife while Crowley defeats one with his own blade.

Once they defeat the demons, Cain tells them he no longer has it. But of course he has to have the blade, after all the spell led them to it. Cain corrects them and says the spell led them to the power source for the blade which happens to be Cain. He lifts his sleeve to show the mark the powers the blade. The blade is just an animal jaw bone, the same he used to kill Abel. But he didn’t kill him for the reason everyone thought. Turns out Abel was talking to Lucifer, not God, so Cain made a deal that Lucifer could have his soul if he let Abel go to heaven. Of course Lucifer agreed as long as Cain was the one to send his brother to heaven, so that’s what he did.

Cain is also the one who created and trained the Knights of Hell, with whom he traveled and killed with until he met his wife Colette. Colette wanted him to stop killing which angered the Knights of Hell. The Knights of Hell kidnapped Colette and Cain killed all of them except one, Abaddon. Abaddon went ahead and possessed Colette, who she tortured right in front of Cain. Cain goes to kill Abaddon, but she leaves the body right before he stabs her. Once he tells his story he leaves the boys to say his final goodbyes to Colette at her grave site and then comes back to the house. He offers to transfer the mark to Dean so he can use the Blade but on one condition; “When I call for you- and I will- you find me and use that blade on me for what I am about to do.” He then tells them the blade is at the bottom of the ocean and snaps both of them out of the house while he kills all of the demons that have shown up.

Back at the bunker Sam and Case attempt the spell with the amount of grace they have but it fails to work. They have to find another way to find Gadreel and Cas apologizes for the spell not working.

Crowley and Dean leave the house and arrive at the beach. Dean asks how they are going to find the blade and Crowley confirms he will go find it since Dean can’t search the ocean. Dean then accuses Crowley of playing his which of course Crowley did so he could get what they wanted. Angry, Dean punches him in the face and tells him to go find the blade.

Supernatural airs Tuesday nights on The CW.
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