Swedish Marines do spirited 'Greased Lightning' parody

A group of handsome Swedish Marines are going viral with their cover of "Greased Lightning".

There's something hilarious about seeing a group of tough soldiers lip-sync along to top radio hits like "Call Me Maybe" and "Single Ladies", but a troop of Swedish Marines stationed in Afghanistan took their parody of the classic Grease showtune "Greased Lightning" to the next level. Complete with choreographed dancing around a Marine vehicle, the three minute video has already reached over 35,000 views in just two days. Swedish news site [The Local] addressed concerns of the Marines making the video on paid time with a quote from Marine spokesman Philip Simon. He says, "It's a professional parody that was made during their free time. This doesn't affect the trust in them in a negative way, on the contrary".

Video director Boris Zelada has spoken out about the popularity of the clip, saying, "We've got so many nice comments and likes. Even the director of the actual Grease Lightning film has commented on our clip and that's so unbelievably cool for all of us who were part of it."

No word on if John Travolta is ready to challenge the Marines to a dance-off.

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