Top 10 football-shaped appetizers

One time every year, nearly all Americans are gathering in their living rooms to watch the Super Bowl games. There’s no better time for family and friends, and what better way to spend that night than with a delicious array of football-shaped appetizers!

We’ve got a range for you. Veggies, pizza, cheese, peanut butter, devilled eggs—there’s a recipe in every football shape for anyone who’s craving that one special food.

Kids can nibble on fruit tarts, and guys can feast on football pizza. Girls can dip their favorite Oreos in chocolate stitched with icing, and anyone can feast on the delicious array of football crackers, football devilled eggs and a football food masterpiece as grand as the stadium itself.

Everyone loves a good Super Bowl buffet. In the spirit of things, football-shaped appetizers are the only way to go. Check out these fabulous appetizers! You won’t want to miss these recipes.

No. 10: Football crackers with meat, cheese, and spread

Score a touchdown with these awesome crackers! Add some cheese spread, perhaps some mayonnaise for the football’s stitches, and top it on cheese, meat, and a buttery, flaky cracker.

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No. 9: Football whoopee pies

Things couldn’t get better with the whoopee pies. Got a sweet tooth? It’s nice to balance the sweet and salty after all those crackers, chips, and peanuts.

Try this delicious recipe with a buttercream frosting filling, and top the pies with a little bit of icing.

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No. 8: Vegetable pancake footballs

Want something out-of-the-box? These football fritters will make your taste buds go nuts. Shred your veggies (a combination of zucchini, carrots, onions and potatoes) with a mixture of beaten eggs and a sprinkle of flour.

Press the mixture into an oval- or football-shaped cookie cutter and fry them on the skillet. Top them with sour cream or yogurt stitches. Football fans will be running for seconds.

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No. 7: Peanut butter football

Want to add a little sweet and salty? This peanut-butter football will send kids and parents rushing to the kitchen for more.

This recipe combines peanut butter, butter and cream cheese blended with a scoop of powdered sugar. Refrigerate it, form it into a ball and top it with chocolate sprinkles adorned with pretzels. The white stich can be anything from icing to marshmallows.

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No. 6: Cheese football

If you’re not a peanut butter fan, no need to worry. There’s some cheesiness for you.

This recipe is mixes cream cheese, shredded cheddar, Worcestershire sauce, mayonnaise, celery salt and chopped bacon and green onions. Place in the refrigerator until firm and sprinkle with toasted pecans. Add sour cream for the stitched icing.

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No. 5: Football-shaped Oreos

Can I ask for more? Kick off your night with a delicious combination of Oreo goodness and chocolate-dipped excellence.

Slide the sticks into the middle of the Oreos, dip them in melted chocolate and let them sit in the refrigerator until firm. Serve with smiles and a stitch of icing.

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No. 4: Football-shaped devilled eggs

No party is proper without some devilled eggs. As easy as pie, whip up your favorite devilled egg recipe, and arrange some chopped green onion on the top. Voila!

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No. 3: Fruit tart football

Not enough fruit in this menu? Check out these fruit tarts.

Made in four layers, this dessert packs a bottom layer of cocoa crushed with powdered sugar, flour, buttermilk, butter and vanilla. Atop lies a crunchy level of cocoa nibs. Next, the green crust combines matcha (a green tea powder) with sugar, flour, butter, buttermilk and vanilla.

Add to this delicious tart a smooth surface of passion fruit mix. Drizzle a stitch of chocolate, and you’re set for a sweet evening!

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No. 2: Football pizza

Football pizza? Must have! Sprinkle any topping on this fine masterpiece. Add strips of cheese for the football stitch, and you’ve got a swell deal that’ll make those fans roar!

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No. 1: Football food stadium

Feeling adventurous? Try your hand with rolls of sandwich meat, blocks of cheese, rows of crackers and stacks upon stacks of sandwiches. Arrange it anyway you’d like. Glue slabs of meat and cheese to the outside of the stadium.

And when the game rolls around, you’ll be there cheering them on with full gusto. These appetizers will fuel you with energy, and you’ll heartily enjoy the games.

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