Top 10 Kid Rock singles

Kid Rock is one unique musician. He can fit into a rap genre, rock ‘n’ roll genre and has quite an impressive vocal range. Rock has made musical history and headlines with his no boundaries style and carefree lifestyle.

Rock started out in the industry with his rock, rap style that was overly aggressive and filled with high energy. Since his debut with singles like “Cowboy” and “American Bad Ass” Rock has transitioned into a more rock, blues, country vocal style. He is a five-time Grammy Award nominee and has sold 25 million albums in the United States alone.

Rock made headlines when he announced in 2013 that he would lower all of the ticket prices and items at his concerts for his latest tour. Rock has always been public about wanting to get all of his fans to the shows without breaking the bank.

From “Roll On” to “Picture” these songs have become a staple in the mainstream music industry. The ‘America’s Bad Ass’ turned 43 yesterday and in honor of his birthday, is counting down the top ten Kid Rock singles.

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10. Roll On

This was the fourth single off of Rock’s icon Rock n Roll Jesus album. This album as a whole is a fan favorite.

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9. Good To Be Me ft. Uncle Kracker

Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker are good friends in both business and life and top the charts with their duet, “Good To Be Me.”

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8. Times Like These

This is an emotional love letter from Rock to his hometown of Detroit. This acoustic version that was performed at the American Music Awards was emotional for fans and hit home for fans of Rock that still reside in the city of Detroit.

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7. American Bad Ass

Kid Rock is known as the “American Bad Ass” and in his early days of his career he was known for being outrageous and over the top.

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6. Cowboy

“Cowboy” was the first single off of Rock’s iconic album, Devil Without a Cause.

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5. All Summer Long

“All Summer Long” became a summer anthem and still is played every year when the sun is out and the heat is up.

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4. Born Free

Rock is known for his anthems and “Born Free” is another example of Rock’s ability to create musical history and chorus that are made to be sung along with.

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3. Only God Knows Why

“Only God Knows Why” is a fan favorite from Rock and is an emotional ballad that is both personal and passionate.

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2. Picture

This duet with Sheryl Crowe is one of the most well known and chart topping singles from Rock. The combination of Crowe and Rock make musical harmonies and made a moment in music history that will not be soon forgotten.

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1. Bawitdaba

The first single from Rock was “Bawitdaba” and set the stage for a very long and amazing career to come.

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