Top 10 non-single Miley Cyrus songs

Miley’s recent Unplugged performance on MTV was just a preview of what’s to come on her upcoming Bangerz Tour. Complete with a hoedown theme and a live band, viewers were ready to jump in on the “Hoedown Throwdown.” Unfortunately, we didn’t get her to sing it, but she did perform an array of songs from Bangerz, her latest album. This show was great for people who don’t own the album because many non-singles were performed, such as “#GETITRIGHT” and “Do My Thang.” Apart from the songs on Bangerz that won’t be released as singles, Miley has a collection of hits from her previous three albums and her EP that were exclusive to their respective works. From her first album, Meet Miley Cyrus, to her latest and greatest, here’s a look at ten of the best Miley songs that were never released as singles.

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1. My Darlin’

Miley goes through every emotion on Bangerz. Her sweet side comes out in “My Darlin’.” The slow R&B song has a subtle beat which allows Miley’s voice to shine. It also embodies a sort of “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King-sound. She enlists the help of rapper Future to make the song that much better.

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2. The Driveway

This song was featured in Miley’s second album, Breakout. Noah Cyrus, Miley’s younger sister, recorded and released a cover of the song with Miley on her YouTube account, giving the song much attention. At the time of the album’s release.

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3. Obsessed

Miley’s The Time of Our Lives EP brought the world one of the catchiest tunes, “Party in the USA.” It also gave us this gem, an emotional loving view on a word that can sometimes get us into trouble.

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4. Drive

Miley’s darkest song on the album, “Drive,” echoes the second half of her third album, Can’t Be Tamed. The song deals with a breakup that she didn’t want to happen.

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5. Robot

Attitude is the best word to describe this song. Miley sings about having her own opinions, making her own decisions and living her own life instead of being controlled like a robot. This song was featured on Can’t Be Tamed

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6. FU

The anger and sarcasm radiating from Miley’s voice in this song make this a fan favorite. “FU” shows avid Miley fans her new image at its finest. Fans heard this song as the Victoria’s Secret Angels walked the runway at the 2013 Fashion Show.

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"#GETITRIGHT” is a more up-tempo song off Bangerz. Its boppy sound and playful lyrics make this song a great one for karaoke nights. Miley performed this song on the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour, including the televised Madison Square Garden show.

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8. I Miss You

Miley’s first full-length album was double packaged with her famous alter ego’s second. Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus had this song as one of Miley’s first on her own. She wrote the song after her grandfather passed away.

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9. Two More Lonely People

Can’t Be Tamed had many songs that could have potentially been singles, including this one. Despite the song’s depressing message about eventually accepting a breakup, it’s upbeat tempo gives off a happy tone.

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10. Breakout

Miley’s title track off her second album was originally intended for Katy Perry. After she passed on it, it was handed to Miley who gladly took the song in. Though never officially released as a single, the song was released to Radio Disney as a promo single right before the album dropped.

Catch Miley Cyrus next month in a city near you on her Bangerz Tour.

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