Top 10 Shakira songs

Shakira has made her way into the mainstream music industry in the United States and is a superstar with her Latin inspired dance hits. The “Hips Don’t Lie” singer is enjoying a new stage in her career as well, she is now one of the rotating judges on the Voice and fans have loved the chemistry that she brings to the show with Usher, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.

Shakira first arrived on the scene with her English crossover, “Whenever, Wherever.” She made headlines with her sensational vocal ranges and incredible dance moves that stemmed from her hips.

The Voice will be returning to NBC on February 24th, following the Winter Olympics but until that day, fans can enjoy the top ten Shakira singles complied by From “Addicted To You” to “Loca” Shakira has always stayed true to her Latin roots and does not disappoint fans.

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10. Addicted To You

"Addicted To You" is the most recent single from Shakira and shows a more mature side to her vocal range and musicianship.

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9. Beautiful Liar featuring Beyonce

When Beyonce and Shakira teamed up for a sexy dance track, fans rejoiced and "Beautiful Liar" was played at clubs and could be heard on dance floors internationally.

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8. Loca

This hit song in Latin world, translated well to the United States and became an instant hit. Shakira proved that she really was a talented cross over artist.

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7. Give It Up To Me

This sexy upbeat track did not receive much radio airplay it is a great single that showcases what Shakira can do creativity in her musical genre.

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6. La Tortura

This Spanish inspired single was a hit in the United States. "La Tortura" was a classic Shakira song that featured her smooth vocal range and dance moves.

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5. Objection Tango

One of the first singles released by Shakira following her smash hit, "Whenever, Wherever" "Objection Tango" was sexy, smart and modern. Fans loved it.

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4. Waka, Waka (This Time for Africa)

Shakira has always been proud of her roots and she lent her talents to the World Cup with this power anthem that showcased her talents as a vocalists and musician.

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3. She Wolf

Shakira took a break from the music industry and returned with her new single, "She Wolf." This single was upbeat, featured her traditional dance moves and had a chorus that was beyond catchy.

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2. Hips Don’t Lie

This song put Shakira on the map when it came to the pop music industry in the United States. This song received a lot of radio airplay and was heard in dance clubs around the world.

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1. Whenever, Wherever

The song that started it all and introduced those memorable hips to the world, Whenever, Wherever" is a fan favorite for Shakira fans around the globe.

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