Top 10 shows to binge watch on Netflix

Netflix has changed the television industry by allowing fans to watch complete seasons of television shows right at their fingertips. Fans are often “binge” watching entire seasons within a few days of the show being released on the instant streaming services.

Shows like Breaking Bad and American Horror Story have seen their TV ratings soar because fans have found their shows on Netflix.

Netflix took this a step further when the service announced that they would be releasing their own original content, which includes House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Both shows earned a variety of award nominations this season for their acting and production qualities. Fans are already counting down to the second season of House of Cards, which will be released in full on Valentine’s Day. “Binge” viewing parties are being planned for the return of Frank Underwood. is counting down the top 10 shows to binge watch, from older classic television shows to Netflix originals. Shows like The West Wing and Lost have found new fans after being featured on the instant stream services. “Binge” watching is a trend that is not going away anytime soon. Comment below and add your favorite show to "binge" watch.

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