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Top 10 Super Bowl MVPs

Every NFL player has the same goal, to go to the Super Bowl and win it. There’s nothing bigger than making it to football’s biggest stage and winning its biggest game. Besides winning the Super Bowl, being named MVP is another big honor in the NFL. If you’re the MVP of a game, whether it’s the regular season or a playoff game, it doesn’t mean that much. However if you are the league MVP, that’s a big deal. But being the MVP of the Super Bowl is just as big as being the MVP of the league, if not bigger. Being the MVP of the Super Bowl is great especially if you win the game. At least 42 of the 47 Super Bowl MVPs have won the Super Bowl and the game. On Sunday someone will add their name to the list of Super Bowl MVPs. So who are the best Super Bowl MVPs? Here are the top 10 Super Bowl MVPs.

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