Top 5 Ed Sheeran singles

Ed Sheeran has become a household name in 2014 with hits like "Lego House" and "The A Team" taking over the radio airwaves and an opening slot on the Taylor Swift Red tour, Sheeran is only going up in the music industry.

Sheeran's debut album +was written many years ago but the singles have only become popular in the United States over the past year. Songs like "The A Team" and "Give Me Love" have garnered the singer massive amounts of attention and have fans hanging on his every lyric.

The young singer even sold out Madison Square Garden, by himself. Sheeran took the stage with his guitar and held the attention of every concert goer during the entire show.

The "Everything Has Changed" singer is riding this momentum from 2013 into 2014 and is nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammy awards this year. is counting down the top five Sheeran singles before he walks the carpet at the Grammy awards from his latest "I See Fire" to his single with Swift, Sheeran is on fire in 2014. Did your favorite not make the list? Comment below.

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5. Give Me Love

Sheeran has a style that is unique and modern when it comes to his performances. “Give Me Love” showcases all of these modern elements that he pulls into his work and this song manages to feel intimate but at times larger than life. “Give Me Love” has become an instant fan favorite at live shows.

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4. I See Fire

Featured on the latest Hobbit soundtrack, Sheeran pushes his lyrical boundaries and vocal range with this haunting single. Sheeran captures the magic from the film and translates it effortlessly into “I See Fire.”

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3. Lego House

One of Sheeran’s most popular singles, “Lego House” gained even more popularity when Rupert Grint stared in the music video as Sheeran’s loveable stalker.

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2. Everything Has Changed ft. Taylor Swift

Sheeran joined Swift on the Red tour and the duo seemed to be a magical match, as well as good friends. The top superstars came together to write, “Everything Has Changed” which was featured on Red but this helped to introduce Sheeran and his unique musical skills to the massive. He also had a way of complimenting Swift’s voice, which was unheard of until this single.

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1. The A Team

Even though this song features some very graphic content, this song has become a fan favorite and at live shows the audience sings along with every word. Written from his own experiences living on the streets, “The A Team” captures Sheeran in a musical snapshot and leaves wanting more music from the U.K. superstar.

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