Top 5 Florida Georgia Line singles

For fans of the country duo, Florida Georgia Line the Grammys seem to have missed a major single this year. “Cruise” was not only one of the biggest country songs of 2013 but was one of the biggest singles in mainstream music. The duo did not receive a country album nomination or best new artists nomination but regardless Florida Georgia Line fans have supported this duo by the millions and have helped to launch their career into the stratosphere.

Even though they did not receive much deserved Grammy nominations, the band got to open for Taylor Swift on the largest North American tour of 2013, Red and played with their friend and fellow country music star, Luke Bryan.

The duo is now looking forward to the future and already has a plan for their own headlining tour and just released a deluxe version of their album, Here’s To The Good Times, which features new music. is counting down the top five singles from Florida Georgia Line including, “Cruise” and “Stay.” Did your favorite not make the list? Comment below.

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5. Round Here

This upbeat and down home single from Florida Georgia Line was an instant fan favorite. The music video and song kept the momentum going for Florida Georgia Line following the success of their first single “Cruise.”

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4. This Is How We Roll

Florida Georgia Line teamed up with Luke Bryan for this new song that was featured on their deluxe album, Here’s To The Good Times.

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3. Get Your Shine On

This song focused on the power of embracing who you are and letting your true colors shine. Florida Georgia Line has the ability to take a simply song and make every line of it catchy, modern and fresh. They have taken the country music industry and turned it on upside down in a way that fans loved.

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2. Stay

The country duo showed their range with this emotional break up single. It showed the vocal range of both members of the band and became an instant fan favorite.

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1. Cruise

“Cruise” is the song that started it all. “Cruise” set records in both country music and in the mainstream music industry. Overnight the country music duo became instant household names and was featured on almost every dial of radio stations everywhere.

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