Top 5 Kacey Musgraves singles

Kacey Musgraves has quite the year in country music with her debut album, Same Trailer Different Park climbing in the charts and reaching critical fame. Only eight months ago did Musgraves release her single for “Merry Go ‘Round” the first single off of her album. The song put her into country music mainstream and fans fell in love with her simple, honest sound that was deeply rooted in classic country music origins.

Musgraves has become one of the largest rising stars in country music and is currently on tour with Lady Antebellum and Kip Moore and is gaining fans night after night.

Musgraves is nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammy awards this year. is counting down the top five singles from Musgraves before she arrives on the red carpet for the Grammys and a performance slot on music biggest night. From “Follow Your Arrow” to “Blowin’ Smoke” these singles have become instant country hits.

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5. Silver Linings

This sweet and sincere single showcases how talented Musgraves is as a musician. She has a way of taking the traditional country genre with a twang and guitar and making it modern, fresh and very 2014.

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4. My House

Musgraves has her own unique musical sound on the album, Same Trailer Different Park which has caught the attention of music fans and critics everywhere. “My House” is a great example of how unique and modern Musgraves has taken on.

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3. Blowin’ Smoke

This upbeat power anthem shows the “bad girl” side of Musgraves. The video is fun and shows her attitude.

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2. Follow Your Arrow

This upbeat and simple song has become an anthem for men and women everywhere. It is likely that Musgraves will either be performing this single or “Merry Go ‘Round” on music’s biggest night.

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1. Merry Go ‘Round

The song that started it all was “Merry Go ‘Round.” This song can be heard being sung by fans everywhere when they show up early to concerts to see this up and coming female country music superstars.

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