Top five Sara Bareilles singles from 'Love Song' to 'Brave'

Sara Bareilles career started out strong when she released her upbeat single, “Love Song” which was featured on her debut album Little Voice. Bareilles had a haunting and sincere sound to her voice that was new in the industry and attracted many fans to her unique style.

After Little Voice Bareilles released Kaleidoscope Heart which featured many singles including, “King of Anything” and “Uncharted” it wasn’t until her latest album that Bareilles really moved her sound forward and impressed fans along with many music critics.

Sara Bareilles shocked audiences when she was nominated for album of the year for The Blessed Unrest. The Blessed Unrest featured her latest hit single, “Brave,” which has become an instant fan favorite. Fans will have to wait until music biggest night to see if she wins the coveted album of the year award. is counting down the top five Bareilles’ singles including, “Gravity” and “Bottle It Up.” Did your favorite not make the list? Comment below and add your favorite single.

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5. Bottle it Up

This fun, upbeat single from Bareilles shows her care free and loveable personality through her music.

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4. Gravity

“Gravity” is an emotional and deep ballad from Bareilles that is not only moving but is haunting. This is the type of singles that really showcases the talent that Bareilles has as an artist.

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3. King of Anything

From the opening chords to the lyrics of “King of Anything” fans loved every moment of this single. It became an instant fan favorite and was a huge success for Bareilles on YouTube.

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2. Brave

The latest single off of The Blessed Unrest, “Brave” is taking over the mainstream music charts and shows the range that Bareilles has in her voice.

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1. Love Song

The song that helped Bareilles make it into the mainstream music industry is “Love Song.” This song embodied everything that fans would soon come to love about the young pop star. Bareilles keeps the focus on her music and the composition of each song, for her music is truly an art form.

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