Trailer Park - 1/31 Edition: It’s time for ‘That Awkward Moment’ and ‘Labor Day’ to hit theaters

Many of the characters in this week’s new releases are getting rid of their inhibitions and living life to the fullest. While some are jumping into debauchery and eye-opening romances, a new romantic comedy examines relationships in the 21st century.

Three friends go through the trials and tribulations of dating in That Awkward Moment. The romantic comedy focuses on the point in a relationship where the couple needs to decide to either stick with it or move on. The one hour and thirty-four minute film is rated R for sex and language. It stars Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller.

A single mother bonds with an escaped convict in Labor Day. The one hour and fifty-one minute film takes place over the course of a Labor Day weekend when a 13-year-old kid and his hermit mother come across the man while shopping who will change their lives forever. Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin star in this PG-13 drama.

High school students tour a college with their parents in At Middleton. During the tour, two of the parents get lost and find themselves enjoying college life. The unlikely pair end up falling for each other. The one hour and forty minute romantic comedy stars Andy Garcia, Vera Farmiga, Taissa Farmiga, Spencer Lofranco, and Tom Skerritt. It’s playing in limited theaters and is rated R for drugs and sex.

Follow the escapades of a Vegas bachelorette party with Best Night Ever. When the bride’s ring is stolen, the girls go on a mission to retrieve it. The one hour and thirty minute comedy is playing in limited theaters.

A down on her luck woman finds comfort in the arms of a teenage boy in Somewhere Slow. After witnessing a convenience store robbery, Anna decides to walk away from her life and start anew. While on her journey, she meets a young man looking to find himself. The unrated drama is playing in limited theaters for one hour and thirty-six minutes.

A Texas inventor takes his love and intrigue of Master Johannes Vermeer’s paintings to a new level with Tim’s Vermeer. In the one hour and twenty minute documentary, Tim Jenison goes on a mission to discover how an artist from the 17th century was able to paint images so photo-realistic over a century before the camera was invented. The PG-13 film is directed by Raymond Joseph Teller from the popular magic group Penn & Teller. It’s available in limited theaters.

To the dismay of his mother, a teen from the streets of Baltimore dreams of joining the city’s dangerous dirt bike gang in 12 O’Clock Boys. The one hour and fourteen minute documentary showcases the group causing chaos while popping wheelies on the road. The unrated film is available in limited theaters.

Take a look at fifteen of the past year’s highly acclaimed short films with The Oscar-Nominated Short Films 2014. The five nominees in each of the three short film categories are now playing in limited theaters across the country. The animated shorts are Feral, Get a Horse!, Mr. Hublot, Possessions and Room on the Broom. That Wasn’t Me, Just Before Losing Everything, Helium, Do I Have to Take Care of Everything? and The Voorman Problem are the available live action shorts. The documentaries are Cavedigger, Facing Fear, The Lady in Number 6, Karama Has No Walls and Prison Terminal. The animated program runs for one hour and fifty minutes. The live action shorts total one hour and forty-eight minutes. The documentaries play for a total of one hour and thirty-seven minutes.

With all of the adult themed movies hitting theaters this week, next week brings something for the kids. On February 7, the animated adventure The Lego Movie makes its debut. Another film heading to theaters is Vampire Academy.

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