Tresemme' Keratin Smooth Seven-Day Smooth System

This frizzy-haired girl is kind of grateful for being introduced to Tresemme's new line: Keratin Smooth 7 Day Smooth System. My biggest problem: I go to the salon and after a day (and a hair wash) my hair is no longer the silky expertly blown out wonder that it was the day before.
Tresemme provides us with a non damaging solution that lasts 7 days and through washes. 7 days later you will have smooth salon style hair. The key: the thermal technology of the product that comes out with use of your flat iron. It works. It really does.

The whole process is three parts: shampoo, conditioner and the heat activated treatment. You simply apply a generous amount of the shampoo, massage thoroughly and rinse. Next up apply the conditioner and leave on for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly and towel dry your hair. The final step goes as follows: Divide your hair into even sections (my hair is medium length so I went with four sections) and dispense about two pumps per section in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and apply evenly to each section. Comb the treatment through your hair from root to tip (this is important so you aren't left with any frizzy sections). Blow dry your hair until completely dry and finish up the process by flat ironing in small sections. The treatment will last for 7 days while you continue to wash your hair when necessary with the shampoo and conditioner throughout the week.
The keratin in products provides all week protection from frizz and keeps your hair completely smooth, shiny and manageable like you left the salon each day. A true dream come true for this girl who has wished she had Barbie's hair since she was 6.
Side note: the shine is amazing and product smells delicious. The scent stays with you all day. I have tried expensive options straight from the salon and I think the Keratin Smooth line and I will have a long lasting relationship. These products are remarkably priced at around $5 per bottle. Amazing deal for amazing hair!

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