'White Collar' Recap: Season Finale 'Diamond Exchange'

At the end of last week's episode, Rebecca was able to escape from prison, and returned to Neal's apartment to order to get the diamond.

She overheard Mozzie tell Neal he knows how to get the diamond. To convince Neal to get the diamond, she injects Mozzie with a virus that only she has the cure. He refuses to go to the hospital and would rather help Neal.

After Neal had uncovered the last clue, they discovered the letters led to numbers, which revealed an address in Queens. When they arrive Mozzie begins to deteriorate. They call an ambulance, but before Mozzie passes out, he tells Peter and Neal to look at the ceiling. Following the clue on the ceiling, they find a secret room with a hidden compartment. Inside was the diamond.

Meanwhile, Clinton and Diana try to figure out what the virus is. Not long after Rebecca broke out of prison, there was a robbery at a pharmacy. They were able to figure out what was taken, and went to the hospital with Elizabeth to see Mozzie. They told the doctors, and forced them to try the cure on Mozzie, which started to work.

With the diamond in hand, Rebecca calls Neal to make a deal, and says to meet at a certain location. Peter, however, wants to use the diamond lure Rebecca back to prison. This all seems too easy, which means Rebecca has a plan. She was following them all along, so drew her gun and forced her into a locked in area, and took the diamond. Neal asked for the cure, but she refused. Neal was able to break the lock, and he made a run for Rebecca. While Peter was calling for backup, Neal followed Rebecca and caught up to her just as she was going to get in a helicopter. He told her she didn't have the diamond, he stole it back from her, replacing it with a rock. As he was explaining, the helicopter couldn't wait any longer so it had to fly away. Peter was able to arrive with backup, and took her into custody. Peter also took the diamond and gave it to the State Department. Although tempting, Neal told Mozzie he wasn't going to steal the diamond back, he would rather have his freedom.

Later, Peter tells Neal that he has spoken with some people and he will be released in a couple of days. But this won't happen, Peter's boss knows that the White Collar division has the most arrests in the division, and won't risk letting Neal go. Peter decides he won't go to DC, and must stay in the city to watch Neal. But Neal has other plans. He wants his freedom more than anything and even if it means running.

At the end, Neal realizes a stranger is following him. After getting the news about his release, he decides to confront the stranger. Thinking it could be his new handler, not knowing Peter decided to stay, he turns to see the stranger. Just as he does, he is kidnapped.

Check out a clip below:

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