'Workaholics' Recap: 'Fry Guys'

Alice Murphy is extraordinarily snarky this week on Workaholics after being dumped by the "water jockey," as Adam calls him.

Blake's loose thinking causes his koi fish to dramatically die in their swimming pool, because he didn't realize they have a chlorine pool. Subsequently, they are forced to drain their pool and figure out what to do with all of the dead koi. What other rational conclusion is there besides having a fish fry? They decide to bring all the koi to work and have a fish fry at work.

Of course, Alice wouldn't allow this on any day. But after she gets kicked to the curb she has an above average Alice freak-out, involving a deathly glare and incredibly loud tone. Long story short, the fish must go.

Adam, Blake, and Ders rally together in their cubicle to figure out a way to bring Alice down off the ledge. They decidedly come upon the idea to find her a man. Adam willingly offers his service, as he just knows Alice would agree, but Anders and Blake respectively deny him. Instead, they do what any normal employee would do and post an ad to hire a possible love interest with specific characteristics. Don't fret, I will spare you the explicit details of said characteristics.

They find the perfect man for Alice, until Blake's coaching steers him toward creepy mannerisms that scare her away. In turn, this causes Alice to become desperate and lean on Anders of all people for support! Meanwhile, Adam is secretly plotting his plan to swoon her. But, when he sees Alice hugging up on Anders it causes tears -- literally. Adam and Anders begin to duel in their now empty pool and use the leftover dead koi as weapons. When one of the koi explodes all over them, it causes a disturbing vomiting scene. I think we can see a recurring theme in season 4 of very odd episode endings.

In the end, the guys rest their case to Alice and she allows them to have a fish fry at work as long as they keep their mouths shut about her personal life. But, they come too late. Montez is repulsed by the koi and throws it out before they get a chance. The episode ends with Montez reaping the consequence of his action, by finding out that all of his office supplies have been deep fried.

Image: Comedy Central

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