Aermate Wine and Spirits Aerator

Wine makes a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day, but in order to truly enjoy its flavor you need to aerate it before drinking.

Usually you can aerate wine by leaving the bottle open, letting it sit in a glass for a few minutes, or swirl it in the glass before drinking. If you want to get the best flavor from your wine, though, use the Aermate Wine and Spirits Aerator.

The Aermate was developed by a couple of wine enthusiasts who wanted to take their drinking experience to a whole new level. After several experiments with aeration and hours of design and testing, they developed the Aermate.

Simple, convenient and durable the Aermate can aerate a single glass or whole bottle of wine or spirits in mere seconds. It works great on reds, whites and roses, as well as with cognac, scotch, bourbon, and tequila, giving your drinks a rich in flavor and soft on acidity.

The Aermate is easy to use. Simply dip the rod into your bottle or glass and squeeze the bladder. The Aermate gently stirs your beverage while distributing a stream of air in the form of microbubbles enhancing all areas of your drink.

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