Anthony Starble releases single 'Oh Father'

Anthony Starble is an up-and-coming pop/rock artist. His recently released the single “Oh Father,” (from an upcoming release “We Need to Be Loved”) along with the music video.
This emotional song is about Starble’s battle with coming out as gay to his father. The powerful ballad is truly remarkable. It starts with the quiet, but striking question, “Oh father, what will you make of me?” He pleads with his father to understand that he is “not a disease.”
This comes out during a time when a lot of young adults are having difficulty revealing their sexuality. Many fear the ramifications of telling their parents. This song says a lot of what these people can’t find the words to say, “I can’t love in the same ways as you. I am faithful and honest and true.” He states the message that he is the same as everyone else. He still loves and is faithful, despite who he loves.
From a young age, Starble was playing piano. He became obsessed with the instrument. He began participating in, and winning, competitions. After writing his first song at 15 years old, Starble decided he would move to California in hopes of becoming a singer.
Starble has previously released an EP, “Living on Layers.” His music has appeared on ABC Family shows, “Pretty Little Liars,” and “The Fosters.” Not only is he an incredible singer, Starble’s song have meaning and intense emotion that is sometimes left out of mainstream songs. I would love to see this song on the Billboard charts.

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