'Archer Vice' recap: 'House Call'

This week's episode of Archer Vice was fast-paced and funny. Archer and the group tried to get Pam into rehab but she refused, which became a Pam-hunt with tranquilizer guns. Malory told Krieger to implant a mind control chip into Pam to stop her from eating all the cocaine. Krieger was more than willing of course and encouraged the adventure. But during the course of the hunt for Pam in the Tunt Mansion an FBI Investigator arrived and began snooping around.

In this episode Pam stood up from her desk, where she was eating cocaine yogurt, revealing a thin waistline and busty chest. Archer and all the male characters were thrilled, and not so sure Pam should stop her addiction to cocaine. However, they came to their senses once Malory spoke on the subject. She suggested Pam enter rehab but she refused. She threatened to squeal if they put her into a program and she tried to escape. Woodhouse incapacitated her with a frying pan and the team restrained her with rope. Pam with her super strength broke free and fled into the labyrinth of secret passages inside Tunt Mansion, with Cheryl as her hostage.

Malory suggested they kill Pam, but Krieger suggested they use his newly upgraded mind control chip. Malory agreed and demanded the team hunt Pam down with tranquilizer guns and implant the chip. But while discussing their plan, the lead FBI agent showed up and Cyril explained if they don't invite him in it is okay, and went on about laws and civil rights. Archer expressed that it is much like the rules of vampires. Cyril rebuked him for his poor comparison. However, the agent arrived in the same room. Cyril demanded he leave, but the agent said Woodhouse invited him inside the home. The agent then explained he is inside and while never leave, much like a vampire. Archer was thrilled and corrected Cyril.

Malory had Krieger and Cyril go after Pam, while Archer and Lana were assigned to prevent the agent from entering the kitchen where the cocaine was located. The agent explored the house, while the team attempted to complete their objectives. Lana was in the kitchen when Archer came in with Woodhouse as a human shield. Lana shot Woodhouse and Archer explained he knew she would do that, hence the human shield. Archer and Lana were in the kitchen, and Woodhouse's unconscious body blocked the entrance door. In the kitchen Lana was having mood swings, and trying to figure out what to do with her life. Archer was trying to console her and receive sexual favors. The agent by this time had arrived to the kitchen but could not enter because Woodhouse blocked the door so effectively.

While inside the kitchen the caged room with the cocaine revealed a rotating secret door. Cyril and Krieger appeared hot on the chase of Pam. Lana and Archer made them go after Pam again and use the door to hide the cocaine. The agent eventually entered the kitchen and slammed Woodhouse with the door. He saw no drugs, but found a tranquilizer dart. He was suspicious, but left the home vowing to return and catch them in the act of being drug dealers.

Meanwhile, Cyril and Kreiger cornered Pam and Cheryl who was now aiding her. They fired many rounds into them both and incapacitated them. But Krieger revealed he had only one chip and Cyril said they have to decide on who to control. They both agreed that they liked Pam's new figure and Cheryl is insane. They discussed it and the scene cut to the whole group back in the main room. Pam was on the couch between Krieger and Cyril, while Malory berated them for not doing as she asked. Kreiger explained they did implant the chip in someone though. Malory asked who and in walked Cheryl acting like a over-the-top southern country singer. The episode then ended on that note. Next weeks episode is going to be Smokey and the Bandit themed and will air Monday at 10 p.m. on FX.

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