Arizona shelter receives 36-pound cat

The Maicopa County Animal Care and Control in Arizona have received an abnormally large cat. The cat is reported to weigh 36 pounds.

The enormous cat, which is named Meatball, is too big to be kept in a regular sized kennel that the shelter has to provide so it will be staying in an office for the time being.

The shelter noted that before it was turned over to them, Meatball had been transferred from many different homes.

According to ABC 15, the overweight cat is currently not up for adoption.

Although the cat is extremely large, it is very friendly and can easily walk without any discomfort.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time the shelter has received a heavy weight cat. In 2013, the center took in a stray cat that weighed 28 pounds.

The Huffington Post wrote that the shelter is hoping to place the cat with an organization designed to assist cats who are overweight.

The world’s largest cat to date is a cat from Queensland, Australia that weighs 46 whopping pounds!

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