Brooklyn restaurant offers Beyonce themed Valentine's Day dinner

Beyoncé has proven more than once already this year just how powerful she really is. People seem to be honoring Queen B in as many ways as possible. Rutgers is now offering a class on the singer and for those of you who are feeling just as in love as Jay Z and Beyoncé, Brucie’s in Brooklyn, NY, has a Beyoncé themed menu for their Valentine’s Day Dinner.

This Italian NYC restaurant is a popular one, with 4 stars on Yelp. They have announced that they will be serving a Beyoncé-themed Valentine’s Day dinner, with five appetizers, four pasta dishes, five entrees, and three sides. NY Eater reports that the restaurants owner, Zahra Tangorra, explains that, “All the dishes are inspired by the ultimate love: that of Jay-Z and Beyoncé.”

The menu starts off with a Beyoncé lyric reading, “We woke up in the kitchen sayin how the hell did this s**t happen, oh baby…” The menu is filled with clever food item names, having to do with the couple and pretty much anything Beyoncé.

Start your meal off with an order of “Blue Ivy,” which is smoked blue potatoes, or “22 Days Vegan,” a cauliflower vegan appetizer. Then you can indulge in some “Jay-Ziti,” “Put A Ring On It,” which is a calamari dish, or even “Breastiny’s Child,” a veal breast entrée. You can have all these awesome dishes with a side of Diva is “A Female Version of A Brusstla” or some “Bread & ancHOVI Butter.”

As if a Beyoncé themed menu alone isn’t enough to have hungry couples wanting to make a reservation as soon as they possibly could, the clever names of these dishes sound mouth-watering. Could this be an ironic way to describe the meals inspired by the beautiful queen herself? Most likely. Check out the full menu on the restaurant’s website homepage.

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