Caregiver raped 89-year-old woman

Andrew Scott Merzwski has been sentenced to 53 months in prison for raping an 89-year-old woman who lived in a senior living facility. Apart from that, he must also register as a sex offender for 10 years.

According to the Star Tribune, the woman, whose identity has not been released, was sitting in her room when Merzwksi entered to deliver her prescription drugs. She had invited him to watch a movie with her, which is when he gave her medication that made her unable to resist. He then proceeded to rape her.

When she reported the incident to police, she was involuntarily placed at a mental unit of a local hospital where she received no medical treatment or counseling for three days. An investigation into the incident did not occur until five days later when the woman's daughter reported the rape. The woman is in the early stages of dementia and memory loss, so attorneys are suggesting that is why staff did not act immediately on her accusations.

The Crookson Times also reported that after the woman was released from the mental unit, she was placed in the same room where the incident took place. The woman was so upset about the situation, that she barricaded the door with her scooter as to not allow any staff members inside the room.

The horrific incident took place in January of 2013. Merzwski plead guilty. The Edgewood Vista senior living facility was cited for failing to report an allegation of sexual abuse, but will not face any charges.

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