Celebrity Tweets: Feb. 4, 2014

All throughout this new year, we’ve seen changes with celebrities during the Super Bowl, the Grammys and finally the Golden Globes. We’ve seen wins and losses, trophies and turn-downs, heartaches and triumphs with the contests stirring our celebs’ lives.

And even through these moments, we see subtle changes in their everyday lives. We celebrate the birthday of Liv Tyler’s dog. We greet Taylor Swift in her new magazine cover. We check up on Justin Bieber as he shouts out to his fans, and we bid farewell to Jay Leno.

Some of these tweets are big, such as Keith Urban’s Light the Fuse tour. Others are small, such as Christopher Paolini’s favorite writing music.

Still others are inspirational. When we see Dominic Monaghan and Justin Bieber tweet about what drives them, what keeps them going, we glimpse a little facet into each celebrity’s lives.

That’s why we’ve brought you these tweets today. To show you the little moments and celebrate with our favorite celebrities.

We bid our farewell to Jay Leno as he passes the torch to Jimmy Fallon.

Put on yo’ angry face, Fallon and Leno!

The country star is looking hot on Glamour!

As we continue with our New Year’s resolutions, Miley Ray Cyrus shoots high for hers.

We’ll always love the Biebs.

Sweet and sizzling beach scene. Makes you want to ditch winter?

Awesome footage from Keith Urban’s Light the Fuse tour in Nashville.

Inspiration from The Lord of the Rings star Meriadoc Brandybuck.

Every puppy deserves a birthday celebration!

Feeling inspired? Eragon author recommends this Russian hymn that sings of the Motherland from across the vast, cold sea. Inspirational music by film score composer Basil Poledouris.

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