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Celebrity Tweets: Monday, February 3

When nothing big occurs news-wise, Twitter becomes primarily a place for random, mundane thought/activity sharing. That was not the case this weekend, as there was a plethora of events that garnered huge attention on social media platforms.

The leading topic today, of course, was the Super Bowl, its halftime show and the commercials that aired throughout it. But a lot of other things happened this weekend as well. Unfortunately, one of them was the sudden passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who recently starred in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as Plutarch Heavensbee. Celebrities and fans alike took to twitter to express their grief and condolences over the loss.

Other high-attention-receiving events, on the non-tragic side, included the Puppy Bowl and its new competition, the Kitten Bowl, a new Downton Abbey episode and a guest appearance by Prince on the postgame episode of New Girl. However, celebrities seemed to be busy with their own personal events, so tweets about those things were perhaps the second most common type behind Super Bowl tweets.

Here are the top ten celebrity tweets from Monday, February 3, from a tribute to the departed actor, to discussing their own shows/events, to mentioning the big game:

Tyler Hoechlin honored Philip Seymour Hoffman:

Additional celebrity reactions to Hoffman's passing can be found here

Jimmy Fallon expressed gratitude regarding his career, past and future:

Lucy Hale self-promoted:

Dylan O'Brien, a star of Teen Wolf, gave a shout-out to a new cast-mate:

Hillary Clinton made perhaps the best, most shared tweet of the night, about the Super Bowl:

These celebrities also mentioned the big game:

Mike Epps

Candice Accola

Hugh Jackman

Robin Roberts

Darius Rucker was eager to move on from the game

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