Celebrity Tweets: Tuesday, Feb. 11: Puppies, spiders and Olympians

Puppies, spiders and high-school teachers who slow-jam the news. These are the stuff of celebrity tweets. Pick any given day, and you’ll find a mish-mash of humor, seriousness and a whole round of entertainment squeezed into 140 characters.

But sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. (Yes! No more character limit!) And the pictures here have a blend of cuteness and awesomeness with close-ups of Shaun White and Hannah Teter prepping for the Olympics, or selfies of celebs and their furry friends.

While the Olympics are rolling, we have tweets from celebs who highlight the smallest things that have made their day. Fans are rolling red-dazzling signs for Taylor Swift. Jimmy Fallon’s high-school teachers are slow-jamming the news on his Late Night show. Perhaps what’s most precious is the fan letter Jamie Anderson received from a little girl, who’s proud of her Olympian hero.

It’s what makes us proud and happy that we share with the world. Today, we highlight those tweets that have made these celebrities proud.

Jimmy Fallon’s ninth-grade math teacher and eleventh-grade English teacher slow-jam the news.

It’s the little moments that count. God bless the fans, the Swifties and the people who stick close to us.

Caught picture of a wild blue spider.

Whoever thought that animals could look so much like what they’re not supposed to be?

Someone is early in the morning, as glamorous as ever.

Even an Olympian’s puppy needs special loving.

The heat of the Olympics brings together warm hugs and friendship.

Snowboarder Hannah Teter is pumping for the Sochi Olympics.

“Peace” is the stuff of heroes.

An adorable letter from an avid fan.

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