Cowboy Brand Wood Chips

The winter weather never keeps my house from a good barbecue; and we were delighted to try out Cowboy Brand Smokin' Cup Wood Chips - in 100% Apple, Mesquite and Hickory Flavors.

The completely awesome part of the smokin' cups is that they pre-measured, single use, disposable cups - super convenient and can be used in both charcoal and gas grills (we put both to the test). Smokey flavor lasts around 30 minutes. The Cowboy Charcoal Company is a subsidiary of Duraflame and is committed to barbecue excellence.

The website ( provides tips and safe handling procedures. Using the smokin' cups couldn't be easier: we peeled off the vent sticker, placed the cup beneath the food grate and once heated the cup will smoke and provide a half hour of flavor. We tried the apple with a loin of pork (SUPER SUCCESS) and the mesquite with chicken kabobs (WE WILL DEFINITELY REPEAT). The smokey flavor was perfect and my neighbors all commented on the fantastic grilling smells coming from our yard.

To purchase products please visit their website (mentioned above) and search by state (for fellow New Yorkers: Lowe's sells them!) Product is completely affordable at around $5.00 per 3 pack. The website also has recipes and promotions. You can also find them on Facebook (

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