Elijah Blue Allman discusses heroin abuse

Elijah Blue Allman, son of Cher and Greg Allman, opened up to ET on his drug and heroin addiction, revealing that he was only 11 years old when it began.

“I started with drugs around the same time that we all did, around eleven,” Allman said to ET’s Rob Marciano. “I mean, it’s just what you did, it’s just what everybody did.”

Allman had told Marciano that when he started using drugs, he began with weed and ecstasy. As time went on, he began doing harder drugs.

He explained that he turned to heroin and opiates as an escape from previous incidents he experienced. Allman explained where he was at the time with heroin saying, “[Heroin] kind of saved me… If I didn’t have that at that point, I don’t know what I would have done.”

Despite Allman saying that it saved him, he has also experienced the darker side of drug abuse. He spoke about having a few close calls to overdosing.

“I did have some close calls and some moments of really feeling at the edge of mortality… I always kind of kept it a bit safe but you never can do that,” Allman said. “Even though you think that in your mind, of course the wrong things can happen. The wrong combination of things can happen and you can just slip into the abyss.”

Photo Courtesy of Flickr.

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