Elite team, not elite QB wins Super Bowl XLVIII

When the people surrounding you claim that the halftime show is the best part of the night, you are faced with the cruel reality that the game is a stinker. While the Denver Broncos came to play a football game in Super Bowl XVLIII, the Seattle Seahawks came to win a championship.

Seahawks Safety Kam Chancellor quickly reminded the Broncos of their mindset only minutes into the game. Chancellor delivered a huge hit on Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas after he caught a Peyton Manning ball on a crossing route that knocked the 6’3” giant back five yards. Seattle cornerback Walter Thurmond said this of Chancellor: "He wanted to make a point to get an opportunity to make a play on him," according to ESPN.

What was even more evident to me is that this Seattle team plays like a team and looks to several leaders, including Head Coach Pete Carroll. While the Broncos on the other hand are so dependent on one player (Manning) that if he struggles or seems to hang his head even one bit, they are defeated.

The game was over only a couple of minutes in.

There was no comparison as to the mentality and physicality of each team. Seattle was ferocious, fast and calculated while Denver wanted to dance their way through things. It’s a constant reminder in sports that “Defense Wins Championships,” and we felt that reminder last night.

For a football fan the greatest letdown in the world is a terrible Super Bowl, and Seattle’s 43-8 dismantling of the Broncos last night proved to be a huge letdown for most of America.

However for football fans there is a silver lining in this story. Over the past decade the National Football League had implemented many rules to help the offense and the quarterback which further minimizes the “Team Concept.” It could easily be argued that since the implementation of these rules only “Elite Quarterbacks” now win Super Bowls. Some fans would say that it’s only about the QB anymore and it would be hard to argue considering the greats who have won championships in recent memory: Tom Brady (3), Eli Manning (2), Ben Roethlisberger (2), Drew Brees (1), Aaron Rodgers (1) and Peyton Manning (1), Pro Football Reference. That is one impressive list.

Recently though we’ve experienced a bit of a change. During the past two seasons football purists can now celebrate because it hasn’t been the “Elite QB” who has taken home the title, rather the great team. Last year Joe Flacco led the Ravens to the title and this season Russell Wilson lead his Seahawks. While both youngsters played great down the stretch, they have a long way to go before the word elite tags them.

You can say what you want about the Seahawks. Yes they sure do talk too much and get out of hand with their celebratory antics. You can get on cornerback Richard Sherman for the stunts he pulls as well. No matter how you feel about them though you need to know this: They are a great team that intimidated the Broncos from the very beginning in Super Bowl XVLIII. And that is an enormous victory for many football diehards who realize that the team concept needs to never die.

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