Emoji Icons

The kids are loving using their new Emoji Icon iPod cases to express their every second changing emotions! (LOL)

This is such a cool new way for them to connect, express and even trade them!

There are phone case and bracelet options perfect for anyone ages 8 and up. The phone cases come in options for iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch and Samsung Galaxy S3. Color options are pink, white and black. You simply send your message and attach the emoji icons to fit your feelings, expressions, moods whatever!

The phone cases come with 12 removable and interchangeable icons (ours came with some funny, happy and cute options appropriate for boys and girls).
You can also purchase Emoji Icon wrist bands - they come with 5 emoji icons and that easily connect to the Emoji Icon phone case. For even more emoji options, simply pick up an Emoji Pack, which contains 7 more icons for a total of 80 trading options!

Emoji icons are available through Toys 'R' Us, Target and Amazon and more information on the product can be found at www.collectemojis.com. Prices range from $11.99 for the case alone, $16.99 when offered with emoji packs in bundles, or $16.99-$17.99 for a 3 pack of wristbands.

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