Fake Burger King leaves many customers angry

A Burger King on the South side of Pittsburgh turns out to be far from the real thing.

While the sign outside clearly read "Burger King," the employees were dressed in the classic red and blue uniform, and the menu was exactly the same, the store was a complete imposter. WPXI News reports that many customers began to question the supposed fast food restaurant when the food did not taste the same. On top of that, to-go bags were just plain brown bags and the fries were sold in cups.

Reporter Timyka Artist went to the shop to speak to the management, but was quickly escorted out. Artist was able to eventually get the attention of an assistant manager at the store, who claimed the business was supposed to be called, "South Side Burgers."

According to Yahoo, the store was being transitioned from a Burger King, thus indicating why the sign was there. But customers claim they were never told that, and have been ordering things off of the Burger King menu.

Burger King stated that they plan to investigate the situation before determining whether or not they will take legal action.

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