Feral cat survives after arrow shot through head

A feral cat in Utah is expected to survive after an arrow was shot through its head.

According to the Associated Press, the cat was shot through the face and body, but a veterinarian was able to remove the arrow. The vet said that the object went through the feline's head, passed through its esophagus and then came out its shoulder blades.

"You could tell the cat was in pain," said Dr. Jace King "It couldn't move because of where the arrow was at."

KUTV has reported that police in Washington City are investigating the animal cruelty case, but have very little information to go on.

"There are no suspects at this time," police spokesperson Ed Kantor said. “We don't know if it was intentionally done or recklessly done to the animal.”

The cat, a 1-year-old, female lynx-point Siamese, was spotted and rescued by the One More Chance C.A.T.S. organization.

The young critter was given the name Quiver and proved that cats really do have nine lives.

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