Firework show at Magic Kingdom causes small foliage fire

Going to Disney World is always a treat for any person of any age, especially when getting to see the amazing firework displays put on nightly by the Magic Kingdom. However, when going to the happiest place on Earth, one doesn’t expect the fireworks to cause a small fire, resulting in evacuations, especially for a company that has done thousands of firework shows.
On Thursday night, during the daily nightly firework show, a spark from the fireworks caught on some bushes near the Little Mermaid ride and started a small fire.
Bay news reported that once the artificial foliage on the rooftop caught fire it eventually spread to the rock display on the building. Cast and crew members eventually put the fire out with an extinguisher.
ABC news stated that no injuries occurred and although the ride was evacuated for a bit, it reopened and is in full working order.

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