Fitbit recalls latest product

Fitbit, a company that produces wearable activity-tracking devices, has recalled their latest product. The voluntary recall comes after months of customer complaints about rashes caused by the Fitbit Force.

The Force is a health tracking band worn on the wrist that was introduced in October 2013. Since its debut users have complained about the band causing allergic reactions.

According to thewallstreetjournal chief executive officer, James Park said in a statement on the company’s official Web site that the company is making the decision to pull the product after independent test results confirmed that the wristbands caused “allergic contact dermatitis” in fewer than 2 percent of its customers.

The company has offered several possibilities as to what is causing the unpleasant reactions. It is likely that they are caused by either the nickel in the device, the materials in the strap, or the adhesive that holds the product together.

According to the washingtonpost the company is offering a full refund to all Force customers.

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