Flu volunteers get $3,000

Most people avoid getting the flu by any means necessary, but this time getting the flu could score you money.

According to NY Daily News, the governmental biomedical research agency wants healthy volunteers between ages 18 and 50 to get the influenza virus up their nose, so they can study how the immune system works in every stage.

These individuals will aid scientists in understanding how a healthy body recovers from the flu virus. But they cannot consciously let them walk around and infect others.

The volunteers must stay in a designated section of the National Institutes of Health Hospital for approximately nine days, where their health is closely investigated, until they are not infectious anymore, writes Decoded Science.

Maybe an added bonus for volunteering is a week off from work, not to mention lots of sleeping time.

Although this study has a lot of valid reasons for their research, the flu virus affects many lives and sometimes leads to death. Once the study is completed, the aftermath is left to the individual volunteers and this effort should be thought through cautiously.

image: Wikimedia Commons

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