Former Australian model and TV host, Charlotte Dawson, found dead, cyber-bullying under spotlight

The recent death of an Australian model and TV host is now bringing back the importance of indecency with cyber-bullying into the medias spotlight.

According to Radio Australia, Charlotte Dawson was found dead in her Sydney apartment on Saturday after an apparent suicide.

Dawson was struggling with depression even stating in her autobiography, Air Kiss and Tell, that often enough, she was visited by the “depression boogeyman.”

In 2012, the Australia’s Next Top Model judge was hospitalized due to an attempted suicide after she received several abusive messages on Twitter of people saying she should hang herself.

After the incident, Dawson began to re-Tweet the messages to show how hurtful they could be. Essentially a campaigner against cyber-bullying, Dawson said, “If you’re going to have those points of view, you should do it with a face and a name so that you can be accountable.”

She believed that the anonymity online was horrible and hurtful.

Friends of Dawson were saddened when they heard the news, including childhood actor friend, Russell Crowe, who said that he “just doesn’t understand. There’s not enough kinds souls as it is.”

Photo Courtesy of WikiMedia Commons

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