GOLDHOUSE releases Back To Life EP

GOLDHOUSE has released his latest EP Back To Life and his timing with this EP could not be better. Back To Life is being released at a time when EDM and strong dance driven songs are taking over the charts. His EP and first single, "FeelGood" fits into this style with ease and is catchy for fans that are looking for a new EDM influence to embrace on their playlists.

The EP Back To Life comes out of the gate swinging with "FeelGood." The instrumentals and beats feel modern and the lyrics are catchy and poppy, this combination works for him and will help him appeal to a wide variety of fans.

Throughout the album a few different influences can be heard from pop to EDM but GOLDHOUSE is not afraid to blend the two together and see what happens. He has made an EP that is the music of right now and his fans have embraced this direction and style, even if he wouldn't describe it that way.

On his official website, he explained that he does not want to be placed into any stereotypes when it comes to music. He described his music not as music, but as a way of life.

Fans of pop music, dance music or EDM will be able to embrace and dance along with the beats and instrumentals that come together on this album. Each song is a single of its own and the entire EP is woven together through the beats and instrumentals.

Stand out tracks on the album include : "FeelGood," "Everything We Used To Do" and "Runaway."

Listen to "FeelGood" here:

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