'Her' director Spike Jonze being sued

Director Spike Jonze is being sued by writers who claim he stole ideas for Her from a script they wrote.

TMZ reports that two writers, Sachin Gadh and Jonathan Sender, sent the CAA a script they composed, entitled Belv, in 2011. Their script was rejected due to the face that the CAA does not accept unsolicited scripts.

They are now suing Jonze, who is also represented by the CAA, for similarities in his 2013 hit film, Her, to their screenplay Belv.

Some of the features they claimed Jonze stole are that in Belv, the main character also carries their love interest in their front pocket, and that both Her and Belv involve a human's love with a computer.

Her received three Golden Globe nominations, winning Best Screenplay, and is currently nominated for five Academy Awards including Best Writing (Original Screenplay).

According to The Los Angeles Times, Jonze claims he had the idea of Her 10 years ago, and went more in depth five years ago, slowly creating this futuristic look of Los Angeles and creating the intimate relationship between a man and a computer.

"Had the idea just stopped at a guy having a relationship with an artificially intelligent program, I probably wouldn't have continued developing the story," Jonze said.

Jonze also said that he and K. K. Barrett, production designer, talked a lot about the films concept of a futuristic world filled with happiness and also loneliness.

"I realized it could be a means for me to write about relationships... Two people connecting, trying to be intimate, is as complicated an idea as there is," Jonze added.

It is unknown if if the lawsuit will make it to court.

Image: NBC

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