Israeli warplanes launch strike near Lebanon-Syria border

Israeli aircraft carried out two airstrikes upon the area near the Lebanon and Syrian border on Monday.

According to Reuters, security sources revealed the airstrikes. What the airstrikes were aiming for has not been definitely revealed as of yet, though there is speculation.

An Israeli security force said there had been "unusually intense air force activity in the north," but the army hasn't officially commented on the airstrikes.

The Associated Press reports that Lebanon's National News Agency said that the area hit was close to the small border village called Nabi Sheet.

The Bekaa Valley, where the town is located, by Lebanon's border has been known to be used by smugglers and the militant group Hezbollah. Israel and the Lebanon Shiite militant group are enemies as Hezbollah backs Syria.

A Nabi Sheet resident Jaafar al-Musawi spoke with Al-Jadeed TV and said the town itself wasn't hit. "We heard warplanes followed by explosions, it could be along the border with Syria."

The British Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims that Israel was targeting a Hezbollah controlled rocket launcher.

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