James Franco to direct film about the making of Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room'

James Franco’s production company recently received the rights to create a film for the memoir, The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, written by Greg Sestero.

Deadline reports that Franco’s Rabbit Bandini Productions will be working on a film for the memoir written by Sestero, star of the terrible-but-awesome film, The Room, and Tom Bissell, a journalist.

The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room adaption is supposedly going to be directed and co-produced by Franco along with his production partner, Vince Jolivette and Seth Rogen. Evan Goldberg’s Point Grey Productions will be working with the trio and Ryan Moody is set to write the script.

Sestero and Tommy Wiseau both wrote and starred in the 2003 cult-classic film which critics claim, “The worst movie ever made.” A low budget film set originally in Southern California, The Room spread because of it’s terrible plot and poor quality. Like others including the cult-classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the film earned midnight showing status for its underground fan base.

Franco has been a fan of Sestero and Wiseau’s work for some time now, reviewing the film and memoir for Vice back in December.

He called Wiseau “part vampire, part Hollywood dreamer, part gangster, part Ed Wood and super lonely.” He praised the films directors for their approach to its odd appeal.

Who may star in the new film is yet to be determined.

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