Kanye West's rep denies Kim Kardashian cheating rumors

Kanye West is responding to rumors he cheated on his fiancé, Kim Kardashian, with a brunette look-alike. It all started from a rumor on a gossip cite founded by Nik Richie.

An anonymous user posted to TabRag.com, a spin-off website of TheDirty.com, that they saw the Yeezus rapper trying to keep a low profile at the Dream Hotel in Miami, Fla. with another woman at the end of last month.

West’s rep has since responded, telling RadarOnline the rumor is “ridiculous” and he wasn’t even in Miami then.

“It’s ridiculous,” said his rep. “Kanye was never even in Miami during this period. He was on vacation with his family. “

According to Huffington Post, West was in Utah with Kardashian at that time, vacationing with her family over the New Year’s holiday.

The anonymous user said of his alleged tryst, "People are saying she was bragging about having some video on her phone with her and Kanye, and she’s waiting till him and Kim tie the knot to leak it so she can get big money.”

image: NBC

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