Kelty Ascender Trunk

No matter where you go, stay organized during your travels with the Ascender Trunk from Kelty.

The Ascender Trunk provides 78 liters of interior space, making it an ideal piece of luggage for long trips. The interior space comes with customizable compartments making it easy for your keep all your gear organized.

This versatile luggage is compatible with Kelty's Ascender 22 Chassis. It attaches quickly to the chassis to turn it into a convenient roller. Or you can use the included stow-away straps to turn it into a backpack to access harder-to-access areas.

The Ascender Trunk is perfect for any adventure. Your gear is easy to get to thanks to the wide "U" opening. And you can keep all your equipment from getting spoiled thanks to the hide-away wet / dirty bag.

The Ascender Trunk features plenty of padding on the bottom, top and sides for a comfortable fit while wearing like a backpack and to protect your belongings from damage.

Get the Ascender Trunk for $199.95 at

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