Lindsey Vonn blasts "skinny-fat models"

Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn recently spoke out about the health and fitness of fashion models, claiming that a lot of models are not physically fit.

Though Lindsey Vonn was forced to drop out of the Sochi Olympics due to a knee injury, she hasn't faded from the spotlight. Earlier this week Vonn strutted her stuff in the Red Dress Collection Fashion show by using the help of crutches. Inspired by her turn at being a fashion model, Lindsey spoke out to Women's Wear Daily about the ultra-skinny models she sees when working on photo shoots.

As an athlete, Vonn is committed to physical fitness and health, but she was surprised to find out that not every woman in the public eye is the same. She said, "It may look good in a magazine but it's not actually healthy. And girls who are that skinny are actually fat. You can see the cellulite on their legs and on their butts," she said. "You know I have cellulite too but I go to the gym and I try to eat healthy. I think that's a better model for girls to look up to than skinny people who need to eat more."

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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