Loud-music murder trial jury reaches verdict

The fourth day of deliberations in the Michael Dunn murder trial came to an end when jurors filed back in to the courtroom and revealed their split decisions on the charges.

The jurors found Dunn guilty of attempted second-degree murder and opening fire on a car, but were unable to come to a decision about his guilt over the first-degree murder charge of 17-year-old Jordan Davis, reports USA Today.

For the counts he was found guilty: the attempted murder charges each come with minimum 20-year sentences and the latter charge is up to 15 years.

Since they could not make up their minds on the murder charge, the judge declared a mistrial for that charge. Florida state attorney Angela Corey declared that prosecutors would retry Dunn on the murder count.

As previously reported, the case revolved around Dunn confronting a car full of black teenagers listening to loud music. An argument over the music occurred and Dunn claimed he saw a gun in the back window of the car and feared for his life, claiming self-defense.

None of the teenagers were armed and Davis, who had a clean record, was killed during the shooting.

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